it-image.jpg   IT consulting is a relatively new and dynamic line of professional services in the field of high technologies. To identify the problems of an available information system and to offer the optimal ways of their solution – such is the essence of IT consulting, being an important step towards the enhancement of enterprise efficiency. 

   The most common definition of IT consulting is as follows: Consulting in the field of telecommunications and information technologies means consulting services aimed at the attainment of the maximum effect from IT implementation at minimum costs. 

   IT consulting should result in the development and advice of practical recommendations based on the performed audit of telecommunications and information systems and aimed at optimisation of the company information infrastructure and security systems, including introduction of new systems, for the enhancement of enterprise efficiency. 

   Now some backround information about me in connection to the worldwide IT stuff:
windows7-logo.jpgwindowsvista-logo.jpgIn 2004 I became a technical beta tester for Microsoft in the Windows Longhorn (Vista) Beta Program. In 2007 I was inrolled in the technical beta of Windows 7 (not the Windows 7 worldwide beta) and for bug submission and other feature requests I received a complimentary copy of the final Windows 7 Ultimate titled as "Windows 7 Ultimate Commemorative" in a different and limited packaging signed by Steve Balmer, the Microsoft CEO.